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Leather Electric Recliner with Swivel and Glide

Smith Brothers 720-78 Electric Recliner with swivel and glider in the 9210 Leather

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  • EXCELLENT FRAME CONSTRUCTION- Highly skilled engineers and craftsmen design each piece with utmost attention to detail
  • SUPERIOR SPRING UNIT- Independent steel spring unit provides individual seat suspension and is extremely durable
  • DOUBLE DOWELED JOINTS- Hardwood maple joints are reinforced with two dowels for increased strength and stability
  • BUILT-IN LEGS- Where possible, the leg is integrated into the design of the frame. If they cannot be built-in, they are secured with heavy duty lag bolts.
  • STRONG FRONT AND BACK RAILS- Wide, hardwood rails run the length on the base of each style, creating excellent stability.
  • SPRING EDGE- Where possible, seats incorporate a soft front edge. This not only adds comfort, but lessens the compression of the seat foam, increasing its lifespan
  • SELF DECKING BENEATH FABRIC SEAT CUSHIONS- No expense is spared to ensure the best looking pieces of furniture
  • QUALUX ULTRA SEAT FOAM-This foam is the best in the industry and warrantied for life.
  • LUXURIOUS WRAPPED SEAT CUSHIONS- Each seat cushion is individually wrapped with ultra-soft polyester padding.
  • WELL PADDED ARMS- The proper foams and wraps are expertly selected to pad each arm, preventing the wood frame from being felt through the upholstery
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