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About Our Mattresses

Currently, Monarch Rest by Rainbow Bedding Co. Ltd is among the few mattress companies in the world that will guarantee a body impression not to exceed 1/2 inch for the duration of the warranty*

The Monarch Rest™ Limited Warranty

Every Monarch Rest™ mattress set has been manufactured with your health and comfort in mind. The interior of the mattress is designed to give you years of extended service. In order to receive the optimum life from your mattress, we recommend using a mattress pad at all times.

The quality and craftsmanship that are built into every mattress set allows Rainbow Bedding Co. Ltd. to offer a limited 20-year warranty against all defects in workmanship and/or materials. This includes providing you with an unprecedented 1/2-inch body impression warranty on all Monarch Rest mattresses sold as a set. Set is defined as a mattress and a boxspring or foundation. Mattresses sold alone may also qualify.

Wire Gauge Innerspring

The lower the number, the heavier the wire. 12.5 gauge is much heavier than 14.5 gauge. Wire gauge is just as important as the number of coils.


The insulation is hidden within the mattress. In the component illustration for each mattress, you can see that carefully selected components combine to keep the foam padding from being pushed down into the innerspring. Insufficient insulation will result in damaged foam and body impressions.


Polyurethane foams are rated by weight (density) and firmness (ILD). 1835 indicates that a foam weighs 1.8 lbs. per cubic foot (note the first two numbers). The last two numbers indicate that the foam is of medium firmness. If the second number is low (such as 15) it indicates soft foam. A high number (such as 45) indicates a firm foam.

In the past, the industry used 1.8 wt quilting foam as standard. Today, many manufacturers use low-density, super soft foam in the quilting and low-density foam in the mattress padding. a 1.8 wt foam will last about twice as long as a 1.2 wt. and three times as long as the low-density super soft quilting foams.

Double Edge Side Supports

The double edge coil side supports that Monarch Rest uses are arguably the strongest, most durable supports available. We believe they provide the best edge support when compared to other support systems.

Road to Excellence

When Polyurethane foam prices rose 53% in 2005 , some of the well-known mattress manufacturers switched to low-density foam to save money in material costs. In 2006, steel prices shot through the roof and, again, the big brand names compromised by using fewer twists in the support innersprings. Some companies went so far as to switch over to using “stick” springs in their foundations instead of the more supportive coil springs.

Monarch Rest refused to compromise the quality of our mattresses and actually looked for more ways to utilize the costly, high-density Polyurethane foam to improve our quality.

To this day, our boxsprings are still hand made with coil springs to provide you the quality you have grown to expect from a Monarch Rest mattress set.

When the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission instituted stricter fire-retardant standards for mattresses, Monarch rest pursued the necessary testing to meet these government standards. We embraced the opportunity to improve the safety of our mattresses for our customers.

Currently Rainbow Bedding Co. Ltd. is among the few mattress companies in the world that will guarantee a body impression not to exceed 1/2 inch for the duration of the warranty.

For 27 years, we have relentlessly sought after perfection in the design and component structure of each mattress we make. Our passion is to never stop developing better ways to improve your sleep.

All foam in Monarch Rest’s™ mattresses meet CertiPUR-US Standards, including:

Guaranteed Physical Performance: IFD Verification, IFD Retention after Dynamic Fatique, 75% Compression Sety, Aged 75% Compression Set.

Heavy Metals Testing

Meets the protocols for the following metals: lead, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, nickel, mercury, and selenium.

Free From Harmful Substances

Certified free from the following substances: R45, R46, R49, R60, R61, CFCs, HCFCs, Methylene Chloride, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Penta, Octa, and Deca Brominated FRs, Nitrites, Chlorinated Phenols, PBBs, PCBs, PCTs, TRIs

*To ensure an accurate body impression measurement, the mattress must be placed on a flat surface, like a floor, and a straight edge placed across the width of the mattress to measure the gap

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